Udemy – Physics – 12 Kinematics Questions and How to Solve Them [100% off]

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Physics - 12 Kinematics Questions and How to Solve Them

Course Description

After sifting through many textbooks and notes, I have compiled and solved 12 questions that reflect the full range of Kinematics problems you will face on a physics exam. Once you understand the solutions to these 12 problems, you will be able to solve any Kinematics question on the AP Physics Test with ease. Students in beginning physics or first-year college physics will also benefit.

Who Is Teaching This Class?

Wilson Wang is an undergraduate physics student at the University of Chicago. In high school he achieved a near-perfect score on the AP Physics C test, and also won a Gold Medal in the US Physics Olympiad. He loves teaching and physics, and he wants to share his knowledge with the world.


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