Udemy – Photography for iPhones: Best Apps for Great Photos [100% off] Worth $149

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If you want to take photos that are so awesome people won’t believe you shot them with an iPhone, this course is for you. Using a combination of easy-to-learn photographic techniques and a variety of iPhone apps, you’ll quickly learn how to compose dynamic images, then tweak them to perfection using great shooting and post-production apps. 
Course includes videos that show the best iPhone apps, the features of each, and examples of how to best use each of the applications. 
Topics covered include:
  • exposure
  • composition
  • native iPhone camera features
  • best apps for shooting
  • apps to improve photo quality
  • post-production apps to be the final touch on your images
Just because you shoot with an iPhone doesn’t mean you can’t get outstanding photos of people, places and things. In fact, once you delve into iPhone photo apps you’ll be surprised at the masterpieces you create. 

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