Udemy – Pay Nothing To Save Your Business In No Time [100% off]

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Course Description

What would happen if your computer died tomorrow?

Would you still be able to run your business?

Or would you lose important data like client information?

All computers will have a software or hardware failure at some point.

Yet less than 7% of people have good back up systems.

Let me help you protect your business.

I will show you how to backup your critical data using free software.

So that you can have peace of mind knowing that your vulnerability has been removed.

Join my course and get yourself protected!

you will get the following

  1. The backup concept and why it is so important ?
  2. learn how to use Backup & Restore Utility
  3. learn how to sync your data
  4. step by step learn to take full image from your system
  5. learn how to restore from system image
  6. use free opensource product (Clonezilla)
  7. discover the benefits of backup products
  8. learn some tips & tricks to solve windows issues

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