Udemy – Paths to Peace: Essential Guide to Yogic Meditation [100% off]


Easily build a meditation a practice today!

Nurture a life rich with inner peace with this exciting online workshop.

Create a deeper connection to the Self, decrease anxiety, and be on your way to balance with this comprehensive meditation course taught by meditation expert and mala artist Saraswati.
In this course you will learn to invite subtle shifts immediately into your every day life with easy to implement Yogic meditation techniques. These ancient meditation methods are incredibly powerful and available to anyone! 
Learn to lay the foundation of a successful and meaningful practice even if you have never meditated before or have had challenges quieting the mind in the past. 
Just let Saraswati guide you with her easy to follow lectures on the most transformational yogic meditations available.
The good news? No meditation experience is necessary to take this course and anyone of any age can benefit from them! 
Saraswati will be honored to lead you every step of the way, giving you the tools to create a practice that is consistent and identify which techniques are right for you on your unique personal journey.
This course is perfect for you if you seek to:
– Have a greater understanding of the Self
– Create a deeper connection to your personal spiritual path
– Decrease feelings of anxiety and worry
– Lower stress levels in your everyday life
– Improve your relationships and increase compassion
– Balance your emotions and act from a place that is less reactionary 
Join Saraswati today and explore all aspects of meditation including the purpose of meditation, postures, pranayama (breathing exercises), mantras, malas (yes, those beautiful prayer beads!!), visual meditation and more. 
We will address common obstacles to meditation and dig deep on how to inspire more consistency with Saraswati’s one simple secret.

Plus a BONUS Meditation Journal!

Get a beautiful FREE meditation journal to print out as many times as you like to keep you inspired during your meditation sessions. This is one of the best tools to keep you focused and to gauge your progress and it is yours free upon joining the course. 

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