Udemy – Painting: be proud of your first watercolour painting [100% off] Worth $149!!

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Course Description

>>Would you like to try to paint, perhaps with watercolours (it’s cheap and it won’t take a lot of time) and see a great result, such a painting that it’s ready to be hang on your wall with your signature on it? YOU CAN DO IT IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR. <<

This is a ‘learn as you paint’ and ‘paint along with me’ course.

>>There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the birth of a work of art on a blank sheet of paper under our hands.<<

With this course, step by step, you can follow me in the production of a landscape with watercolors. I choose this subject because there is a low possibility of making mistakes on it but it’s perfect to teach you how to paint a sky, shadows, how bland colours, ..and more!

I will explain what I’m doing, I’ll give you the best advice and tips, to create a painting that after the course you can hang in your home and be proud to have it done by yourself.

I’ll also show you how you can mix this technique with another one to achieve a great result in a easy way. Learning is about experimenting new things!

What’s more, with what you will learn from this watercolour’s course you’ll be able to make other artworks like it!

Feel free to:

  • ask questions;
  • share your concerns with me at any time;
  • send me the photo of your masterpiece;
  • or any other artwork that you will be glad to paint after this course, at any stage;
  • leave a feedback.

All you need to do is start painting and enjoy it!


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