Udemy – Paint Super Simple 3D Poppies for Beginners [100% off]

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Course Description

~ Updated August 17, 2015 ~

This course is about painting poppies with thick acrylic paint and making them 3-dimensional by using cake decorating tips!

Some benefits of why you should take this poppy course:

  • Create poppies in 3-dimension
  • No drawing skills needed!
  • Learn how to double the poppy drying time and twice!
  • See your creations preserved in a fine art painting
  • Give as the most unique gift

The course is structured by telling how to make each part of the poppy including where to get materials, preparing a setup for successful flow of creation, getting the poppy shapes, and a simple drying technique that enables arrangement and envisioning. Find how to get an artistic background done easy, what archival glue is used, and making easy fun poppy centers.

The type of audience interested in this course would be:

  • Artists looking to gain dimension in their art
  • One who wants to be creative without having to copy a picture
  • Beginning texture painters
  • Those who want to do something different & amaze people
  • Cake decorators who would like their art in a permanent fine art form

Click to take this course and see how you can make a 3D poppy painting easily!


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