Udemy – Overcome Social Phobia Using NLP Techniques [100% off]

Course Description

In this course by Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn powerful NLP and self hypnosis techniques to overcome social phobia like nervousness while meeting new people at social events and gatherings or at parties .
It is a common problem with lot of people who have fear , anxiety and nervousness when meeting people at social gatherings or in a huge crowd , they feel inferior in front of them and lack self confidence .
In this course you will learn-
Lecture1:Introduction To The Course
Lecture2:Learn Techniques For Relaxation And Calmness
Lecture3:How To Create An Anchor For Relaxation
Lecture4:How To Create An Anchor For Confidence
Lecture5:Reverse Spinning Technique To Overcome Social Phobia
Lecture6:Circle Of Confidence / Excellence Technique
Lecture7:Review Of All The Techniques
Lecture8:Summary Of The Course

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