Udemy – Outsourcing without Fear – an Entrepreneur’s Hands on Guide [100% off]


It’s sad to say, I’m just addicted to helping people – there I said it.
This course will share with you all of things I have learned in almost 20 years of outsourcing technical & marketing projects all over the world. I didn’t learn this in my dorm room, in a class, or anywhere except the real world. I paid with real money, made lots of mistakes and also have had TONS of success with this approach. 
If you want to learn on how to tap a resource pool you never know existed or more importantly, how do I actually find and work with them – THIS Class is for YOU!
In my real “job” (if you call it that) I work directly with clients on ways to grow their business…. so rather than figure out HOW to get things done I learned to focus on the WHAT and WHY. I do, however use these platforms and these approaches all the time for my clients. It’s been a great way to help my clients grow without the headaches associated with employees. 
I literally fell into this solution well before any small business had these resources available and I decided to put together this course so you can learn all the great places I have found to get this stuff done.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own any company that provides this type of service so please don’t think this is a sales job to get you to my ‘guys’ somewhere in the world. 
I’ve done everything from large scale software application development to a simple logo or intro video (some for as little as $5!) so please spend the for me to teach you how to do it. 
P.S. I’m just like all the Entrepreneurs in the world trying to get a million things done, simultaneous with everything I need to keep my business running. Oh without spending a fortune doing it. 
P.P.S – We will provide continual support for this 10 lecture series and will keep adding bonus content, great places to find cool resources or other ideas I come across on how to grow your business. 

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