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The course of Organization Behavior would be divided into main 3 sections.
The first section would focus on understanding Individual Behavior of an employee in an organization. This section would cover aspects like ability, learning and its theories, values, job satisfaction, transaction analysis, personality and decision making. One important aspect of this section is motivation. The course would include various theories of motivation and its application. 
The second section would focus on the behavior of an employee when he has to function as a member of a group. This section would include the topics like the stages of group development, group properties, group decision making. Along with group, this section would cover aspects of building an effective team and managing teams. Now this section would also focus on the concept of leadership. It would cover various aspects of leadership, leadership theories and concept of ethics and trust with reference to leadership. 
The third section would cover the understanding of behavior of employees as a part of the whole organization. The major topics this section would include are power and politics, power tactics and its consequences. It would also include the process of conflict within an organization and strategies for resolution of conflicts. The other topics are creating and sustaining healthy organization culture, organizational change management, models of planned change, the concept of work stress and stress management. 
Uses of OB
Now as we know, managers, not only require technical and conceptual skills but human skills as well. As we climb the hierarchy the soft skill aspect would become more important. It would be important for a manager to get work done out of his team. The study of Organizational Behavior would enhance the soft skill aspect of managers. 
The study of OB would be focused to understand and predict the behavior of employees with regards to employee productivity, employee absenteeism, employee turnover, Organization Citizenship Behavior and job satisfaction. This would help the manager to improve the productivity of the organization as a whole. 
When the concepts and theories of OB are applied, it would help the manager to modify the behavior of employees in favor of organization. 
The concepts of motivation would provide an understanding about the ways in which the manager can motivate his group members under different circumstances. The concepts of leadership would help him to improve his leadership styles and become a more effective leader. 
Organizations have to change or they would cease to exist. The concept of change management will empower the manager to implement change in the organization effectively. It would help the manager to understand various models of change so that he can reduce the barriers to change. 
Finally the study of OB would give managers insight to develop a healthy organization culture and manage and reduce stress among employees. 

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