Udemy – Off grid solar power systems design 101 [100% off]

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Course Description

The goal of this course is to provide a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts necessary to design a stand-alone solar power system. Students will learn to perform application-based load analysis, how to size PV array and configure battery banks to meet energy requirements; students will also learn controllers and inverters design criteria.

The class will consist of a collection of three to five minute lecture videos and exercises. The instructor encourage and challenge students to learn from each other, and interact by helping each other and sharing ideas and best practices, in the course forum.

The course is structured in four section:

  • Stand-alone solar PV basics
  • Load assesment
  • Stand alone PV systems design
  • Conclusion

This course is ideal for those seeking to enter the off grid solar PV industry and, for those already in the industry but seeking to strengthen their design skills.