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Object Oriented Programming

Course Description

This course is about Object Oriented Programming (OOP). The holy-grail of OOP is to describe a global approach to software design and implementation that will enhance maintainability, increase readability and ease implementation. This lofty ambition is bolstered by the utilization of patterns and principles that transcend any single programming language.

If you are new to OOP or are looking to re-affirm your knowledge then this course has been designed for you. Starting with a brief introduction and some terminology, we will dive into understanding exactly what the 4 pillars of OOP are, and how they are to be used. Next, we will look at actual implementations of these concepts in action and you will learn how easy it can be to adopt a good programming style, that any reader of your code with appreciate.

Delivered using video, PDF, lecture and actual code samples, this language agnostic course will give you the knowledge and skills needed to put these concepts into practice in your next project.

This course is designed to be a comprehensive introduction and should require about 1-2hrs viewing time, plus an equal amount of time for you to explore and experiment with these techniques in the real world.

This course is structured to allow you to either watch all videos sequentially, one after the other, or intermittently, by dipping into just the bits of information you need at the time. This course will act as a resource for you to refer to any time you need to refresh your knowledge in the future.

So, If you are looking to improve you coding style, increase the readability and maintainability of your code, learn to adopt an industry standard approach to software design and implementation then this course is for you.

Simply click the ‘Take this class’ button today to get the skills that you deserve.


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