Udemy – NLP-Learn To Protect Yourself From Other People’s Negativity [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course titled ‘ NLP- Learn To Protect Yourself From Other People’s Negativity Using NLP And Self Hypnosis ‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will learn many simple techniques to protect your mood , morale and confidence from people’s negative comments and energy . In a workplace or in sports lot of people say negative things to you , intentionally or unintentionally which drains down your energy and lowers your confidence and morale which affects your work drastically .

By taking this course you will learn many tricks and techniques to not lower your confidence and not let any of the negative words affect your goals and your morale and confidence .

This course contains more than 30 minutes of content designed over 7 lectures in video format

This course contains-


Guidelines for the video course

How other person’s negativity may affect your mood, your behavior and ultimately your performance

Relaxation technique using Self Hypnosis

How to create a transparent bubble which will protect you from other people’s negativity.

How I have successfully used this technique (bubble technique) with sports personalities

Summary of the course


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