Udemy – NLP- Get Unstuck & Become Successful Using NLP Techniques [100% off]

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Course Description

In this course titled ‘ NLP – Get Unstuck & Become Successful Using NLP Techniques ‘ By Pradeep Aggarwal you will learn many NLP techniques to instantly bring you out of uncertainty and lack of decision making thinking . It will help you come out of situations where you are stuck and are unable to think straight and become numb.

You will be able to solve all your problems easily and effectively , the same way you are able to solve other people’s problems .

This course is very useful for students and young entrepreneurs who face lot of nervous situations in the early stages of their career .

This course contains over 30 minutes of video content designed over 6 lectures

This course contains-

Lecture 1:Introduction

Lecture 2:What is Associated and Dissociated NLP Techniques

Lecture 3:What is NLP Anchoring And How This Technique Helps You To Get Unstuck

Lecture 4:How Do Sports Personalities Use This Technique To Achieve Success In Their Game

Lecture 5:Bonus Exercise- Relaxation Techniques Using Self Hypnosis

Lecture 6:Summary


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