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**Thank you for making this a best-selling NLP course on Udemy!
This course is currently undergoing additions and changes to make the material even more expansive. The price of enrollment has been temporarily slashed to $69, but will return to $149 once the new lectures are complete.
IMPORTANT: Before enrolling in this course Google the term “Udemy coupons”. I’ve noticed that Udemy offers unadvertised 50% off coupon codes quite often, and I would like my students to get the best possible price on this course – so take advantage of any available coupons!!
If there are no coupons available and the course is too expensive, just put it in your “Wishlist” and purchase it when a new sale begins (typically once per-month). The class will still be here and I will still be available for questions and answers.
I wish you the best on your personal journey!
Patrick Howell
Former Dale Carnegie Trainer and current Master NLP Practitioner and Positive Psychology Coach.

In this course I will guide you through simple research-validated techniques that when applied consistently can have a massive impact on your ability to be confident and engaging in any situation.
Discover research-validated self-esteem building techniques
  • Begin to take control of your personal confidence
  • Simple exercises that can be practiced anywhere
  • Learn to have confidence when you need it most
  • Become a more magnetic and dynamic version of yourself
  • Self Confidence equals – Attractiveness to Others | Greater Success | More Happiness
NLP stands for Neuro (the science of our nervous system) Linguistic (the science of language and its impact on results) Programming (NLP was developed in the 70’s when computer programming was creating a buzz. The NLP programming analogy refers to ours brains unique ability to consistently reprogram how we interact with the world, and generate dynamic results.
Recent Reviews
“… Experienced a major shift” – Stacey Seen 

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