Udemy – NLP- Be Charismatic Now With Simple NLP Techniques [100% off]

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NLP- Be Charismatic Now With Simple NLP Techniques

Course Description

In this course titled ‘ NLP- Be Charismatic Now With Simple NLP Techniques.’ By Pradeep Aggarwal , you will be able to identity your self better and understand how charismatic and appealing personality you have .You will learn how to become more charismatic and have a more appealing personality to draw people’s attention towards you naturally and effortlessly.

Simple and powerful NLP techniques are taught to improve your charisma and attract your ideal relationship , career, rapport with people etc . You will be able to enhance your charisma as it is nothing but your state of mind .

This course contains 7 lectures and over 30 minutes of content using video clips

This course includes

  • Introduction
  • How to identify your charisma
  • Qualities You Require To Become More Charismatic
  • Anchoring/Mind Trigger Techniques
  • Generating A New Behavior Technique- Stealing The Charisma Of Your Role Model
  • Positive Suggestion Technique
  • Summary Of The Course


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