Udemy – [NEW] Start a Business and Travel the World in 30 Days! [100% off] Worth $197!!


Note: This Brand New Course will be updated and expanded with additional content and expert interviews every week of January 2015 and beyond… 
The current launch price is $19 – this will increase to the full price of $197 on Jan 14th.
This course also includes interviews with experts who charge thousands for consulting!
Im into your course now, sitting next to my 65yo mother who has just retired and she is almost goggle-eyed with excitement! She is a well educated (various uni degrees etc) professional, and is finding your lectures to be very clear, high quality, well laid out and informative. Not to mention that she is starting to see a whole new world available to her…” – Val 
Chances are you don’t love your job. There are countless studies which show how the average person who works for someone else kinda hates their job in fact! 
This course is specifically for people who are looking for something greater…people who want to stop being a gear in someone else’s machine, in order to break off and start something for themselves.
If you’ve ever wished you had the freedom to spend more time with your kids, work for yourself, or travel the world, this course is for you. 
My name is Grant Weherley and I’ve started several businesses all while traveling the world and having crazy adventures. 
The funny thing is that I make more than most people I know who are being “responsible” in their cubicle-death back home! And to be honest I work quite a bit less… 
I’ve made tons of ridiculous mistakes getting here, as most people do, and I want to share with you the exact framework I would use if I had to start over from scratch tomorrow. 
More specifically you will learn:
  • The 6 most common mistakes with starting a business that you won’t hear anywhere else (learned the hard way!)
  • The sliding scale of business models (and how starting at the wrong point can waste years of your life)
  • How you can quit your job and become self-employed starting tomorrow (and how I would do it if I had to start over)
  • The 3 phases of entrepreneurship, and how mixing these up will cause you to fail
And you’ll be hearing from several other badass entrepreneurs as I interview them on exactly how they’d start over given everything they know now. 
This course covers a variety of business models (each expert has a different model – drop shipping, online courses, productized services, consulting, etc.) and I make sure you finish the class understanding the different models and how to choose the model for your business! 
This is NOT for people who are looking to be sold another shiny product pushing a particular platform or model (Make a million dollars per year with X, whether X is kindle, drop shipping, twitter, etc.). 
A particular business model is not suitable to everyone. So instead this course focuses on:
  1. A framework that successful entrepreneurs use to start businesses
  2. The most common mistakes that cause failure that don’t get told in all the “success stories” you hear
  3. A variety of business model options to choose from, so you can pick which is most appropriate for you!
Enroll today and get an unprecedented chance to learn from several successful entrepreneurs who show you exactly how you can make ridiculous amounts of money while working for yourself and traveling the world, regardless of your age, occupation, or experience. 
It’s like slight of hand, or the promise of an unattainable dream. It’s fact – and I know thousand other location independent entrepreneurs that are testament to this. 
Enroll today and take control of your time, your finances, your life.
See you on the inside! 

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