Udemy – Negotiation Preparation Psychology [100% off]

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Course Description

This course is about the 14 most important psychological principles used in today’s negotiation practice. Where they come from, their scientific background and most importantly: how to use them to achieve a much better outcome of your negotiations.

Preparation is perhaps the most important part of negotiation, and the process of preparing is loaded with psychological obstacles that might lead to inadequate or ineffective preparation.

This intermediate level course is meant for business people in management, financial or legal positions. Or for students learning for these functions.

In this course, we will cover the psychological principles in 14 video clips with additional materials. This will take about two hours to complete.

You should take the course if you want to become a better negotiator and if you want to understand where they come from, why they work and why they are so important that may of these founders won a Nobel Prize.

These include:

The Availability Heuristic


The Endowment Effect

False Consensus

The Myth of the Fixed Pie

Positive Illusions

Perspective Biases

The Illusion of Control

Temporal nature of preferences

Irrational escalation

Possibility and certainty

One sided evidence

Biased assimilation

Confirmation bias


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