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Course Description

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th Maths Term2 (SA2) is a self-paced course is designed to help CBSE/ NCERT students to understand concepts and application through videos. You can view these classes as many times as you want to clear the concepts. The comprehensive nature of this course will help you be prepared for CBSE board exams, competitive exams and in engineering entrance examinations.

NCERT Solutions for Class 10th Maths has particularly been created with the view to give students to explore mathematics and develop the abilities to reason mathematically.

Topics like Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry and probability have been presented by linking them with their introductory parts studied in earlier classes.

Key Features:

·Each question is explained with concepts.

·Notes, Formulas, Definitions, Key points are included in the videos, while explaining each question.

·While explaining each solutions, we have added small anecdotes, pictures which you would find interesting.

How to get most from this video course:

·Schedule time and watch videos.

·Take Notes as we solve each exercise.

·We recommend you solve each question on your own before going through video explanation.

·Practice NCERT solutions every day.

·Teach it to someone (anyone).

Second Term: SA-II (October to March)

Units Topics Marks
1. Algebra (Contd.) ·Quadratic Equations.

·Arithmetic Progressions.

2. Geometry (Contd.) ·Circles.


3. Trigonometry (Contd.) ·Heights and Distances. 08
4. Probability ·Probability 08
5. Coordinate geometry ·Lines(In two-dimensions) 11
6. Mensuration ·Area related to circles.

·Surface areas and volumes.


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