Udemy – My brain and I [100% off]

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 You probably heard about the ‘right brain – left brain’ theory. Well, forget everything about it. It’s just not true. Recent studies show reality is far more complex and nuanced than that. 
The NBA (or Neurocognitive and Behavioral Approach) is a fascinating, innovative and multi-disciplinary approach born out of 25 years of scientific research. Discover how 4 brainstructures are responsible for all of our decisions and internal conflicts. Learn how to switch on and off the different parts of your brain and take control of your life. Recognize which brainstructure is active in others, adapt your communication and help others make a switch. 
Once you learn to recognize what part of your brain is active when you’re behaving in a certain way, you start looking at the world from a totally different point of view. A lot of things start to make sense, and suddenly you hold the keys to act upon it. You don’t have to be a spectator of your own life no longer. Take matters into your own hands, develop a deeper understanding of human behavior and live a conscious life. 
This course is a work in progress and will continue to evolve over time. What to expect:
  • 30 day full money back guarantee, no questions asked
  • High instructor availability to answer any questions you may have
  • New content added on a regular basis
  • Content stays up to date, based on new scientific research and studies
  • Tools and insights for personal development and authentic relationships

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