Udemy – Music Theory Level 1 – How Music Works and Basic Songwriting [100% off]

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Course Description

Learn How Music Works and How to Write Songs of Your Own!

This class is for those who have a basic foundation in music and want to understand how music is put together. It is essential that those taking this class know how to read notes. It is recommended that those taking this class have a keyboard. This class will focus less on playing examples, but will focus more on assignments, observational examples, and exercises.

Level: 3 (Easy/Intermediate)

What You Will Learn

By taking this course, you will learn how to:
– Identify, understand, and write chords
– Identify, understand, and write in key signatures.
– Identify, understand, and write the most common chord progressions
– Identify and understand the major components of a song.
– Understand some basic melody and harmony concepts.
– Write a very basic song.

What You Need To Know

Before taking this course, you should know:

– The very basics on music such as how to read notes and note durations.
– What the staff is and the difference between treble clef and bass clef.


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