Udemy – Music Production – advanced techniques used by the pros [100% off] Worth $99 !!


This course intends to give you some of the best kept secrets among top music producers and professionals of all genres but it also intends to give you tips that will speed up your production process a great deal to help you make better tracks and finish them much faster.
Make Better Music Today!
  • Mastering do’s and don’t’s
  • Learn how to beef up your bass sound
  • Discover the secrets to make fatter sounds
  • and more tricks to easily put in practice
Ever wondered what’s lacking your productions to compete with professional and successful songs? Well…look no further, if you’re serious about making music, this course is for you. 
Although this course might be useful to beginners it will make more sense if you have a little bit of experience at producing already. Logic and Ableton Live will mainly be used here to cover the subject. But be assured that most of the content here can be done with any DAW (Except for a few Live only tricks which I’ll teach you along the way!) 
At the end of this course you will be closer than ever to making professional music! 

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