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Good salespeople have good answers, but great salespeople have great questions!
When your competition hears a request for information and pricing – they get to work giving great answers, hoping they are the right answers. 
Let your competition give good answers without knowing if the answers they give are helping or hurting the sales situation. 
You… start asking great questions and increase the value of the problems you solve.
Going the other way, asking what on the surface may seem to be a stupid question – will actually give us more information and the ability to ask more specific better questions.
Here is what else happens. We are identifying potential pitfalls. 
Have you ever given someone too much information and slowed the process down as a result? How about getting to specific too fast, confusing the situation, using industry slang and buzzwords that they do not understand? 
We are also making use of “people do things for their reasons – not necessarily the right reasons”.
When someone explains their reasons to us – the effect is that they feel like we understand where they are coming from. 
Mindset is the “WHY” – The reasons and attitude we bring to what we do. 
Asking stupid questions is rarely that. Just because the answer may seem obvious to you, does not mean they are obvious to them and more importantly – the answers to the follow up questions, usually leads to good information for you. 
Strategy is the “HOW” – How can we put this idea into our business today or next week.
When we question the obvious, we slow things down by taking control of the conversation and we begin to uncover the why behind the what. Our solutions are only as valuable as the problems they solve. 
Answering the questions about specs and pricing solves the problem of not knowing how much.
If we want to increase the value, then we have to start working on higher value problems.
Technique is the “WHAT” – What we can specifically do to make this idea work in our business.
Ask the obvious or stupid questions. These show up when we believe we should be able to figure out the answer without being told. It is harder to do, than you might think. What are some of the common initial questions people ask? The next time you hear one, instead of launching into the answer – stop and ask why they would want to know.