Udemy – MongoDB 3.0 Fundamentals For Developers-Learn By Exercises [100% off]

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MongoDB 3.0 Fundamentals For Developers-Learn By Exercises

Course Description

Content and Overview

Advancing technology especially affected data storing in a huge volume. Relational Database Management System(RDMBS) solutions are collecting normalized data, furthermore provide a strong transactional structure but overcoming huge volume of data is a real problem for RDMBS’

NoSQL solutions are popular today to manage huge volume of data. MongoDB provides effective solutions as part of NoSQL perspective.

Teach academical, develop practical!

Course content is organized by this principal. Whole of this course, you’ll practice yourself and fulfil many task in each lecture.

This course provides you;

Effective beginning to MongoDB. Through this course, you’ll learn base terms about MongoDB, practice by sample case scneraio. Course content will help you to improve your querying skills.

Starting with the base terms about NoSQL and MongoDB. By completing each chapters, you get into the hang of MongoDB Shell. You’ll feel your own progression when you pass each chapter one by one.


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