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Course Description

The easiest method to learn Hip Hop and R&B on piano. Within a few weeks you will be playing popular songs from the pioneers of modern music.

Start Playing Popular Songs Today

Do you want to understand the chords of popular artists and play your favorite tunes? Well wait no longer as Virtually Smooth Piano is offering a fantastic course for pianists that want to learn popular tunes in a quick and effective manner!

The Virtually Smooth Piano course is geared towards beginners and will have them playing romantic, passionate, and elegant songs for piano within mere minutes. Prior experience with piano isn’t necessary to take this course as all that is needed to succeed is a desire to learn! You will also learn all the scales and chords in every key signature!

·Save time and money by learning remotely rather than travel to traditional music instruction

·A pressure-free approach to playing music, no judgment or stress involved with your musical journey.

·Take 20 minutes a day and watch your progress grow!

·Keyboard or a piano is all you will need to get started.

·Remote tutoring exists well past the course time.

·Do the lessons on your own time and adjust them according to your personal schedule.

To learn piano, one will only need a will and desire to practice and most importantly, have fun. The only physical requirements needed to finish this course would be: piano/electric keyboard, computer, and a printer. The visual method of this course will allow you to quickly ascertain music theory, piano fingerings, rhythm, cadences, and chord structures within a very short amount of time.

Pace yourself and enjoy the musical journey as you will be exposed to 30 great years of popular piano!

Pianist, James Gaither provides a detailed, chord-based, and relaxed music course that will span well over 3 hours of concise and detailed instruction. Class and coursework will be enjoyable as his teaching style is stress-free and is oriented to have users learn at their own pace.

The supplementary materials in this course will be pdf-formatted chord charts, transcription paper for exercises, and sheet music to accompany each lesson.

A mere 20 minutes a day will have you playing like a professional in no time!

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