Udemy – Mobile First & Responsive Web Design: Build modern websites! [100% off]

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Course Description

There has never been a better time to learn responsive web design and take a mobile first approach.

Smartphone and tablet users no longer accept thajqt they should have a poor web browsing experience because of the device they are using. Catering for mobile users is now essential.

This course teaches you how to put your HTML & CSS skills to great use by creating mobile first and responsive websites, which look great on any device.

This course covers:

  • We will go over what responsive design is and why a mobile first approach can be beneficial
  • Tools you can use to help your project
  • Fluid grids and relative sizes
  • The Viewport Meta Tag
  • Media queries and breakpoints
  • Building a responsive website project from scratch, using a responsive grid
  • We will then add jQuery plugins to the project to create a responsive sliding carousel and social sharing buttons
  • Dealing with responsive images and the picture element
  • How to optimise our images and files
  • CSS Flexbox including building our own basic grid
  • Using responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap

This course is beginner friendly but at least a basic HTML & CSS knowledge is required.

The web is going mobile, make sure your websites are ready!


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