Udemy – Ministry of Inspiration #1: ‘Instant’ Happiness. Why wait? [100% off] Worth $99

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Instant Happiness. Why Wait?
Richard Wilkins, the UK’s Minister For Inspiration tells it like it is. Because it’s easier that way. Here’s some quotes from the course:
‘Most people haven’t got a f****** clue who they are.’
‘Dying people don’t bull****’
‘There’s more people smiling in a hospice, than the checkout in Tesco’
‘I’m not going to give you a list of 10 things to do. Why not?
Because you WON’T DO ‘EM!’
So, what this course WILL do is give you is results. Every single one of Richard’s tools, on its own would be enough to give you a massive change in your life.
And all of them put together is just dynamite.
Expect to be astounded. 🙂
Richard’s unique gift is to be able to compress huge wisdom into a simple format. A format that we can accept, understand and use with immediate, yet lasting results.
In his own words, “We are all Superheroes pretending to be ordinary people, our true purpose is to be who we really are, minus the Script.
Everything else then becomes easy when you become the Superhero.”
…Today Richard is the UK Minister for Inspiration.
In this course, Tom Cassidy, the leading Personal Development Instructor here on Udemy, asks Richard to go through his tools for instant happiness.
You can do the course in an afternoon, and start applying it instantly. You don’t need to master anything, or get better at anything.

Be warned:
This course is like walking through a door. A door with only one handle. You will never be able to go back.

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