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Latest Testimonials:
“Just wanting to express my utmost gratitude for your amazing program. I honestly feel like this is a life changing experience for me.”
“Thank you for the gift of this skill. My whole family thanks you!”
“The program is so helpful. It is so accessible and effective and universal. The combo of your voice and the other experts is just perfect. It is very much in line with what I need”
“So grateful for this program.” 
Comprehensive Mental Health Tool Kit for Moms – I loved this course because it gave a complete overview of the stresses all moms face, and then offered solutions. I got a clear understanding of the science behind mindfulness and then tools to make it part of my daily practice. Any mother (or father for that matter) will find this course a real gift to themselves and their families. The combination of interview with experts, mindfulness exercises and clear explanations of how stress affects us makes this a very comprehensive course. I would highly recommend it.
The factor that probably has the highest effect on outcomes for children is the level of well being and functioning of their mother. If you care about children, take good care of mothers.” Rick Hanson 
Your happiness as a mother affects your children’s happiness too. Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give your child – and yourself! 
Mindfulness4Mothers is not another set of instructions on how to be a perfect mother. Far from it. It is expert self care for any stage of motherhood. 
Hear from world renown experts Tara Brach, Rick Hanson, Christine Carter, Barbara Fredrickson, Sarah Napthali – and more to come!
Hear the experts discuss how mindfulness, self compassion and positive psychology can help you deal with the overwhelming demands on your time and sanity! They share insights and practices for:
responding to emotional eruptions from your children,
stress and anxiety
and the desire to balance the conflicting demands of work and family. 
Hear how prioritising your own self care will benefit your well-being, your relationships and the joy and connection you share with your children. 
Download six practical guided mindfulness exercises for ongoing use to support your self care.
Practices range from “in the moment and quick fixes” to longer practices for rest and renewal that will resource you for the marathon of motherhood. 
You also receive a complimentary workbook to help you track your progress and reflections as you become a more mindful mother. This includes quick tips to help those of you who want to establish a mindfulness practice for the first time – or who want some extra guidance on how to set yourself up for the greatest gain from your time. 
Enjoy this practical online Mindfulness4Mothers program. It’s all research-based, so you know it works. You will benefit wherever you are in your motherhood journey.
 It helps. Take it from us. We are mothers, too! 
Give yourself the gift of peace. Sign up and start taking care of the most important person in your child’s life. You! 

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