Udemy – Mind Over Golf- Use Your Mind To Lower Your Score [100% off]

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Mind over golf- Use your mind to lower your score helps you improve and lower your score during golf tournaments using self hypnosis and powerful mind exercises . Golf is the only sport which requires more mind training than any other sport because the ball is stationery which gives you enough time to think and use your mind. By taking up this course you will learn to think more effectively in the present situation than think about the negative past experiences . 

The techniques taught in this course are-

  • Introduction to the course
  • Why golfers require mind coaching
  • Change the words you tell yourself
  • Change your golfing beliefs
  • What to focus on during the game
  • How to use powerful visualization improve your game
  • Learn to back off in time
  • Learn how to program your mind before an important game
  • Learn to remove negative pictures from your mind
  • Summary of the course

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