Udemy – Microsoft PowerPoint 2013: Mastering Animation from scratch [100% off]


Learn how to create engaging presentations and to present your concepts using 3D shapes & animations in PowerPoint 2013

Expertise Custom 3D Shapes, WordArt, SmartArt and Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

      ·Draw, customize and convert 2D shapes to 3D
      ·Transform WordArt & Integrate into 3D shapes
      ·Animate 3D shapes and WordArt
      ·Motion Path animations
      ·Animated process flow diagrams using SmartArt
    ·Dynamic Block diagrams

Create Engaging PowerPoint Presentations & Give Life to Imaginary Concepts

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 is an All-in-One software package that can be used for almost any productivity purpose, but it still remains unexploited fully. Creating and customizing 3D shapes, integrated texts and animating takes only a few clicks. We can use several readymade presets to do that. Once customizing those presets are learnt then capabilities of PowerPoint are endless.
With Motion path animations, you can explain almost any concept that is hard to visualize or understand. Moreover it helps to attract the attention of your audience. You can create self-explanatory presentations, so that you can even skip your narration. With dynamic Block diagrams, you can visually present the work flow of your project.
This course is perfect for students doing projects, Professors to explain complicated concepts and Marketing people to create breath-taking animations.

Content and Overview

Suitable for beginners and intermediate users of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Through this course you will learn basic to advanced concepts in the areas of shapes and animations.
Each lecture is edited and organised in a step by step basis and preceded by a synopsis of ‘what will you learn in this lecture?’ This enables you to do the course faster and in an organised manner. It helps you to reason, ‘why a particular step is done?’
Every lecture is supported by resources such as PowerPoint files, text instructions that I have used to demonstrate the concepts and tips regarding Do’s and Don’ts. So you can download and work along with me, while taking the course. Necessary pan-zoom and callout features are used in various places of the lectures for your added convenience.
Starting with basic elements involved in PowerPoint 2013, you will learn to use and customize ready-made presets in shapes, WordArt, SmartArt and animations. You will get expertise in creating, shining 3D shapes, blended with transformed WordArt, dynamic process flow diagrams and custom motion path animations.
By the end of this course you can create astounding presentations or videos using readymade presets, within minutes. You will be able to create your unique custom shapes, custom animations, custom process flow diagrams and dynamic block diagrams. You can also give life to your imaginary ideas through motion path animations. Also, you will get a certificate of completion from Udemy.

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