Udemy – Microsoft Excel – Macro Recorder To Automate Tasks [100% off]

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A step-by-step video series that will help you get familiar with Excel’s Macro Recorder. Many Excel users across the globe are unaware of the power macros can bring to their workbooks, and the amount of time that can be saved. This course aims at getting you equipped with enough tips & tricks to automate any repetitive tasks that you might be performing using Excel’s Macro Recorded. 
In this course you will learn
1) Basic of macros & macro recording
2) Elements of the macro recorder
3) Optimizing a recorded code with some VBA lines
4) Some helpful examples for hands on training 
The course contains easy to understand video lessons & other reading material and should take approximately 1 hour to finish. Easy to follow along with the help of exercise files that are provided with lessons wherever required for practice. 
Those who have been using Excel and are looking to get into Macros, or those that are planning to take up courses in VBA, this course will provide a good foundation to build upon.
By the end of this course, you should be able to record some great macros really quickly & make your life easier. 

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