Udemy – Microsoft Excel Beginner and Intermediate with Certificate [100% off] Worth $147!

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This is a beginner and intermediate Microsoft Excel training class that requires no prior knowledge of Excel. The training provided in this class covers MAC and PC. Ideal for students who use a MAC and just as applicable to students who use a PC.

The class starts be describing the interface and then explains different functions a user can utilize to perform a variety of analysis.

This is a beginner and intermediate level class, no prior excel experience necessary.
Following is a list of topics covered in class:

  • Standard Toolbar
  • Formatting Toolbar
  • Home Tab
  • Layout Tab
  • Tables Tab
  • Charts Tab
  • Smart Art
  • Formulas
  • Data
  • Review


  • Sum
  • Average
  • Max
  • Min
  • Count
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lookup
  • Vertical and Horizontal Lookup with Index
  • SumIf and AverageIf
  • The IF Statement
  • Nested IF Statement
  • Vlookup nested inside an if statement


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