Udemy – Metaphysical Marketing: Your Path to HEART-Based Profits [100% off] Worth $197 !!

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Marketing doesn’t have to be the cold, disconnected discipline of manipulating people. In fact, the best marketing doesn’t come across as marketing at all. 
What if you could learn the secrets of marketing within a holistic framework?
Would you reach more people?
Would your business suddenly overflow with more profits and opportunities to serve?
Discover the Heart of the Matter when it comes to building your brand, reaching more people who love to work with you, and make more heart-based profits. 
At the end of this course you will have a custom roadmap perfectly crafted to advise and guide every marketing decision you’ll ever have to make again. 
Along the way, you will learn about some incredible parts of the brain that help you (and your clients) get everything you’re looking for. 
You learn intelligence boosting exercises to use in the workshop section and the fundamental steps to successful communication. 
This isn’t your grandma’s course in marketing… and we don’t pretend it is. This is a full-on, focus your attention, unleash your imagination, meaning-making, brand building, high-definition ride for holistic practitioners, business owners, and any Entrepreneur With Heart crazy enough to go out and change the world with their skills, services, and passion. 
One of the core principles (you’ll learn on the inside) is + GOODNESS IN, GOODNESS OUT + , a powerful meme that shifts the odds in your favor. If you don’t get anything good from the course, Udemy gives you 30 days to refund your cost for the course. 
We will be adding new lectures and materials all the time and as a Metaphysical Marketing Entrepreneur, you’ll also get special access to other courses I release. 
I can’t wait to show you how to make more Heart-Based Profits, increase the magnitude and reach of your brand, and create your own million-dollar brand blueprint. 
Go ahead and take this course now to discover your brand power, grow your tribe, and make a more meaningful impact with your business materials. 

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