Udemy – Mergers and Acquisitions DeMystified – How Deals are Done [100% off] Worth $97 !!

Mergers and Acquisitions DeMystified - How Deals are Done!
The Objective of this Course is to introduce you to the Game of “Mergers and Acquisitions”!
Well, of course it is not really a game and nor is it a science but a complex art form. I have tried to break it into understandable components to explain it using my Six Minute Strategist Nested Hexagon Methodolody (explained in the Introductory video).
The Course comprises 8 Videos. In addition, I have provided some Bonus PDFs for you to understand some of the more complex aspects of the first three Lectures and a Business Analysis Template discussed in the fifth lecture.
The Course Videos last a total of 45 Minutes.
The Course is structured into 8 Lectures:
1. An Introduction to the Course
2. Part 1 – The M&A Game
3. Part 2 – Sellers
4. Part 3 – Process
5. Part 4 – Critical Issues
6. Part 5 – Business Segmentation
7. Part 6 – Target Identification
8. Wrap Up and Summary
If you are new to M&A or studying Business, this Course is designed to introduce you to a large number (over 120) issues you need to understand.

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