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Mastering Auction Properties

Course Description

Are you frustrated with the get rich quick schemes on house flipping and wish there was a course that explained the hidden secrets of auctions and how the process really works? This course examines single family homes as an investment property class, how trustee foreclosure auctions look like, what you need to know to successfully bid and compete with flippers and other investors, and how the Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) got it right or maybe wrong. Using scientific research, case studies, along with my personal experiences this course will provide you with winning techniques and key insights.

By the end of the course, you will feel both confident and comfortable bidding, buying and investing in properties.

From 2009-2011, single family homes were for the most part a very new concept. There were no real BIG players. Then large companies started buying properties almost over night and traditional flippers started to get outbid at a very quick pace.

This course will teach you to understand the difference between how a flipper analyzes a property and how an investor analyzes a property. And more importantly, what this means on auction day and how to be prepared and win successfully against the competition.

If you are not a math wizard, no problem. Included with the course are materials to help you analyze properties easily and quickly, and handy check-lists for auction preparation and research.

Going once…going twice… SOLD. Come join me on Mastering Auction Properties.

“If I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single family homes I would load up on them. It’s a very attractive asset class now. I could buy them at distressed prices and find renters.” – Warren Buffett


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