Udemy – Master Your Casio Calculator And Get Ready For Math Success! [100% off]

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Master Your Casio Calculator And Get Ready For Math Success!

Course Description

In this course you are going to gain mastery over your calculator. Maybe you are curious as to how the features and functions can help you with your mathematical learning, build you confidence and succeed in your mathematics exam. This is course is part of The Calculator Guide series.

With this course you get 1080p HD videos and a full demonstration with a calculator emulator of the buttons you need to press.

The course will take you through many of the impressive functions of the calculator, step-by-step, telling you which buttons to press and how they can be used to help you with questions.

You also get updates and bonus extras, which will be added to the course.

You also get access to ask me questions regarding the course or anything you are stuck on.

In buying this course you are helping support me to continue to make more courses to help you and future students feel confident about using their calculator.

So if you are currently using a Casio calculator, then what are you waiting for. Make the most out of your calculator and achieve the qualification you want.

About the calculator.

This course starts at the beginning and assumes that you have a Casio calculator or have regular access to one.

It is primarily designed for the FX-83GT Plus / FX-85GT Plus available in the UK. Similar textbook display or Natural V.P.A.M calculators are known by different codes around the world.

Below is a list of other Casio calculators for which the majority, if not all, of the described functions are available. The list is not exclusive.

FX-300ES Plus

FX-350ES Plus

FX-82ES Plus

FX-85ES Plus

FX-85ES Plus

FX-95ES Plus

FX-500VN Plus


FX-991ES Plus

FX-115ES Plus

FX-570ES Plus




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