Udemy – Master Solving a system of equations by elimination [100% off]

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Master Solving a system of equations by elimination

Course Description

This course is designed to provide you everything you will need to know to solve a system of two linear equations by elimination. Solving a system of two linear equations is essential to understanding graphically the solutions to a system as well as how they can be applied to real life solutions as well as algebraic processes. The course is structured in three parts to work you from the basics to mastering your skills.

Introduction- In this portion of the course you will be provided essential questions as well as essential definitions and processes needed. Depending on your mathematical background these videos and worksheet provide the foundation for this course.

Examples- Here is where we will get to work on solving systems of equations by elimination. You will be provided a worksheet to work through problems on your own. You can complete the whole worksheet or just choose the problems that you know you need practice on. If you get stuck or want to check your answer each problem is accompanied with a short step by step tutorial working you through the problem.

Conclusion- To finish the course you will be provided a worksheet for essential questions again to discuss, reflect and answer to round out your understanding of the course. There is also a set of challenge problems for you to prepare for the next level as well as apply your skills to real world applications. I will bring everything together in my summary video where I will discuss common mistakes by students as well as tips and tricks you should look for when solving a system of equations graphing.

The course is set up to be completed in a couple of days but designed to be used as a resource and guide for your learning as you learn solving systems of equations.


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