Udemy – Master Outsourcing: Get the best price & save time [100% off]

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Course Description

Want to know how you can save up to 90% on your project, while completing it sooner?

Want to learn how, with access only to a computer, you can get virtually any part of your business built?

Learn how to outsource and you’ll learn how to make magic with your project to-do list. You’ll be able to hit goals sooner and spend only a fraction of what you would have otherwise needed. Save your project by going lean and shifting your attention and resources to other crucial areas.

Outsourcing has endless possibilities – you just need to know how to use it.

Website development, mobile app development, logo design, market research, customer feedback, email marketing, sales, promotion, scheduling, editing, proofreading, ghostwriting, interviewing, application testing, bookkeeping, employee vetting, so much more – these are just SOME of the things you can outsource today!

People that are skilled at outsourcing can be 10x as efficient as those who are not.

Virtually every company and startup outsources in some way. Being able to outsource is a HUGE opportunity for you and your project – take advantage of it!


Why you should take this course:

Knowing how to outsource effectively is an incredibly useful skill whether you’re an entrepreneur, a manager, a marketer, or small business owner. Being able to incorporate outsourcing into your project, your business, or even your job can dramatically change your rate of success.

Cost is often the single largest factor in whether or not a project succeeds or fails. By mastering outsourcing you can virtually guarantee that you get the lowest and most reasonable price every time you launch or engage in a project.

Learn a critical business skill needed in 2015 and learn how outsourcing can change your day to day life.


About the instructor:

Top rated Udemy Instructor with over 300+ 5 star reviews and 11,000+ students

All courses by the instructor have 100% positive reviews with an average of 4.95 stars.

Startup founder for 5 years, raised 3 rounds of capital worth several millions of dollars.

Worked as a VC and was in charge of deal flow in Silicon Valley. Oversaw investments in large companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, & Tesla.

Currently owns and runs Sprintkick, a web agency, that builds web and mobile apps for 20+ Fortune 500 companies. Created and launched over 100+ apps in the last 4 years.


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