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Are you an English language learner?
Do you wish to sound more natural, interesting and more native-like when you speak?

If your answer is yes to these questions, then read on…

Did you know that one of the biggest differences between native and non-native speakers of English is idioms?

Linguists, researchers and teachers all know this. They know that the speech of native speakers isidiomatic… that is, full of idioms.

Whereas the speech of non-native speakers is unidiomatic… that is, direct, literal, and as a result,uninteresting!

What does all this mean? It means that non-native speakers (and that includes learners of English!) speak using common, everyday vocabulary with almost NO CREATIVE OR SOPHISTICATED USE OF LANGUAGE. This is the one thing that makes most non-native speakers sound simple, bland, and, even, boring!

Does that sound like you?

If you’re an English learner, chances are this is exactly YOUR problem:

You have worked hard on improving your fluency, grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation… you’re an upper-intermediate or even an advanced learner


There’s something still missing. You still lack that X-factor. No matter how hard you try, for some reason, you still don’t sound like a native-speaker and you don’t know why.

Well here’s a possibility…

You’re not using idioms.

You have an impressive range of vocabulary that you can use in a variety of situations…

BUT your speech is still literal and unidiomatic.

Your grammar is impeccable, and your sentences are refined and accurate

BUT they’re still lacking in expressive power.

You’re extremely fluent and have no problem talking about almost any subject

BUT you still come across as less than a native speaker. And that’s because…


If you’re an Upper-Intermediate or Advanced learner of English, then this is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING that is keeping you from native-like proficiency.

And that is exactly why I’ve created this course. On this course, I will teach you the most common, interesting and useful idioms in the English language that you can use in over 15 different situations in daily conversation.

These are the same idioms and expressions that I have taught to hundreds of my students over the years and helped them to sound natural, interesting and more like native speakers of English.

But wait…

What’s so special about idioms anyway?

Well, this: idioms are often THE BEST, MOST INTERESTING WAY to express your ideas when you speak.

Take a look at this sentence:

“I was reading the newspaper this morning and I noticed an article about green tea.”

Fascinating? Not really. Now take a look at this:

“I was reading the newspaper this morning and an article about green tea caught my eye.”

Now THAT is an interesting sentence. Why? Because it contains an idiom – to catch one’s eye.

Idioms, like this one, make your speech more sophisticated and entertaining. They break the drab monotony of everyday conversation. In other words…

Idioms make the English language come alive.

And this is why you need to learn them.

On this course, you will learn the most common and important idioms that you can begin using today.

So how many idioms do you need to learn?

The short answer: as many as you can. But…

Here’s the challenge. There are at least 25,000 idioms in English!

But before you panic, there’s good news: not all of them are common in native-speaker speech.

This means you only need to learn the most common idioms to achieve native-like proficiency in English.

And that is why I have created this course.

This course will help you to finally kick the habit of using the same old tired and boring vocabulary when you speak. It is your first step towards sounding more natural, interesting, and more like a native speaker in conversations by learning and mastering idioms.

Click the ‘Take this Course’ button on the right and let’s get started.


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