Udemy – Master Big Data and Hadoop Step-By-Step from Scratch [100% off] Worth $199

In this course, you would be learning all the concepts and terminologies related to Big Data and Hadoop, such as the NameNode, Secondary NameNode, DataNode, JobTracker and TaskTracker, along with other concepts related to it such as what is meant by Rack Awareness and NameNode Federation in a simplified way. 
It also explains how the data is managed by the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and explains the process of reading and writing data onto the Hadoop Distributed File System. 
Later in the course you would also learn how to add or remove a DataNode or a TaskTracker to an existing cluster, how to check the HDFS for errors, Balancing the DataNode and so on. 
You would also learn all the concepts related to programming in MapReduce along with writing programs using MapReduce. 
Upon completion of this course, you would have a clear idea about, all the concepts related to the Hadoop, that should be sufficient to help you start off with Administering the Hadoop Cluster as well as Developing MapReduce Applications for Hadoop Cluster. 

All the Best and Happy Learning !

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