Udemy – Master After Effects CC 2015 Motion Graphics – Foundation [100% off]

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Course Description

Adobe After Effects CC 2015 is the latest from Adobe.

This course is meant to avoid the ‘I show you how it works’ style of courses and dives into allowing you to acquire a more organized and useful understanding of most of After Effects transformations.

The real way to learn a software is not to skim through its functions but to acquire a detailed understanding of everything that goes on. This is what this course is all about: It offers you a detailed explanation with demonstration and practical examples on how things work in After Effects.

Build a Strong Foundation in After Effects

If you are keen to understand, practice and master detailed methods and work into the inner specifications, attributes and parameters of what is explained then this course is for you.

The aim is for you to build a strong base, a strong foundation for the most important transformation and methods of After Effects.

You will be able to create animations with a total confidence and understanding of what you are doing.

Contents and Overview

In this course you start by learning about the fundamental transformations and methods of after effects:

  • You will first understand why After Effects User Interface is a powerful tool to help you master text and shape animation.
  • You will move on to use all tools available to create layers – Text and Shape layers
  • Your next step is to start learning about the fundamental transformation and all their underlying features
  • You will go through All text properties and their usage
  • You will learn all about Shape properties
  • And finally some methods to get your text and shapes on screen
  • Using easy ease method, you will understand the principles of motion path and how motion can be manipulated.

By the end of this course you will be happily animating away in Adobe after effects CC 2015 and creating your awesome animated videos.

This course focuses on Text and Shape animation.


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