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Course Description

Management consulting is about improving the core of what you do, whatever it is that your company sells in order to make a profit, measuring it and then finding ways to do it better. Doing it better could mean doing it in a right way or doing it faster or achieving better quality results or all of these at once.

Recent college grads who get offers from top firms can see compensation approach or exceed $90,000 in their first year. Meanwhile, an experienced consultant who enter or return to firms make well over six figures in base salary and that’s before their bonuses.

Though every company is different, there are certain consulting techniques that could be used to solve the problems, improve your business and personal life.

Management consulting essentials help you land management consulting offer, think and solve real life problem like an industry expert, get yourself promoted and improve your own business from zero.

Full cases include:

  • Estimate Barcelona FC ticket revenue in a season
  • Estimate LV handbags market value in a year
  • Estimate how many people fly in and out of O’Hare International Airport
  • Help Netflix increase profitability
  • Help Magnotta Vidal Icewine increase volume sales
  • Help Red Bull cut costs without affecting core business
  • Analyze if Lifetime fitness should enter Tokyo market

Follow along and become the most well-rounded management consultant on the planet – or at least at your company.

Enroll now, let’s learn the techniques of top world’s consulting firm to land 6-figure job offer, improve your business, get inspired each and every day.


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