Udemy – Make your photos look great in a web design [100% off]

Course Description

Say you are working on a web design for a client and they want to use specific images that they supplied. But you can see that their quality isn’t all that good and they can really mess up your design. Say you want to go an extra mile for that client and actually make those photos look great, but at the same time you don’t want to use a lot of your time ’cause you’re on a tight schedule. Well, here you will learn some simple and easy techniques that will make your photos look professional in a web design. And you will learn how to get great results with just a few simple clicks.
If You want to know how to:
  • Resize the image and canvas
  • Tell the difference between image and canvas
  • Transform, crop and straighten an image
  • Speed up working with multiple images
  • Correct colors and contrast
  • Add vintage effect
  • Handle images in a web design in Illustrator
in just a few clicks,
You’ve found the right course!
This course is very “targeted” – it’s supposed to teach You a set of very useful skills, but is not about going through every aspect of Photoshop nor Illustrator. So You need to have some basic understanding of those two programs. If you don’t, don’t worry. The techniques we’ll discover are super easy and yet very effective, so even a complete newbie shouldn’t have problems following along.
First part of this course is reserved for Photoshop: you’ll learn how to resize images and canvas, how to effectively use Levels and Curves, how to add a, very trendy, retro effect and much more. In the second part you’ll learn how to use Illustrator to incorporate images into a web design project: how to place images, how to clip them etc.
This course is also about smooth workflow between Photoshop, as a photo editing software and Illustrator as a web design software. So, if You’re one of those designers who have, by far, been using Illustrator for desktop publishing or logo design projects and You want to expand Your skillset, well this is the course for You, too! 
This is an entry-level, sort of a “get your feet wet” series of videos on how to use Photoshop to quickly make a photo look great and how to use Illustrator to implement that photo in a web design project. In short, it’s about how to make Your photo look great on a web site!
So, what You’re waiting for? If You’re serious about starting out as web designer or you’re just looking for simple techniques to make virtually any photo look great with just a few clicks, don’t wait any longer! Enroll in this course and make Your work easier and faster!

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