Udemy – Make your first amazing video with Camtasia [100% off]

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Course Description

Today videos are the most important asset if you want to make business online. Videos are an amazing viral tool in social networks and the most powerful tool when it comes to market products and services.

Moreover video products and video tutorials are the most sold items on the Internet.

If you were in the old days you needed a huge budget to setup a video recording studio or to hire a media company to do the job for you.

In this course you will learn how to design and produce your videos using the great Camtasia Studio tool by Techsmith

You will be able to produce videos for your marketing, videos as products to sell on CDs and DVDs, videos as part of eLearning products or online video tutorials, streaming videos and much more.

In details, in this course you will learn:

  • How to register or capture a video from your computer desktop using Techsmith Camtasia Studio
  • How to use Techsmith Camtasia to edit video projects adding special effectes, e.g. sound tracks, subtitles, images, transitions and other videos
  • How to modify the configuration, layout and design of your videos using Techsmith Camtasia Studio
  • How to setup and produce your videos also in HD with Techsmith Camtasia Studio
  • How to adjust old low resolution videos using Techsmith Camtasia Studio and the free tool Audacityfor audio corrections
  • How to use Microsoft PowerPoint to generate animated presentations and generate videos withTechsmith Camtasia´Studio
  • How to use Audacity to improve your audio and add it again to your original video edited withTechsmith Camtasia Studio

At the end I will give you some examples of good videos made with Camtasia:

  • Talking head videos captured with a webcam
  • Demo videos captured from your computer desktop
  • Videos containing more than one video
  • PowerPoint presentations recorded as videos


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