Udemy – Make Passive Income as Freelance Logo Designer [100% off]


From Zero to Hero.
Do you want to earn some extra money? Are you looking for another career and would like to work from home? 
This course is designed to teach you about logo designing and how to earn money from doing simple designs. In this course you will learn not only about doing logos but also how to make a career as freelance designer
In this wonderful journey I will show the ways how to generate an income as a designer. There are courses teaching you how to design but after that you wouldn’t know how to get a real world projects. This course will help you get started in designing and make some real money. I want you to apply all the knowledge you learned in real world projects. 
Prepare Yourself for a New Career in Logo Designing by Learning New Skills.
  • You Will Learn How to Use Adobe Illustrator in simple ways.
  • You Will Learn how to Design Good logos from Scratch.
  • Finding Freelance Logo Design Projects.
  • Tips on How to Win Logo Design Projects.
The skills that I’m going to teach you in this course are so valuable that will help you grow as a designer. A talent that will last a lifetime. Talent in designing is not inborn. Everybody can learn how to design
This course will guide you from basics of designs. You don’t need any background in designing because I will show you the right and proper way in designing a logo
The exercises in Adobe Illustrator are so easy. I designed them for absolute beginner because I don’t want to confused you with so many tools. All you need is a basic knowledge of the program so you can design more complex logos and illustrations in the future. 
I started from nothing now I’m a logo designer. I wish there was a course like this before. In this course I will share everything I know in logo designing and making money from doing designs. If you’re ready see in the course. 

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