Udemy – Make Mobile Games And Earn Money While Doing It [95% OFF] Worth $199!

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Make Mobile Games And Earn Money While Doing It

Course Description

140+ Satisfied Students Are Monetizing Their Games And Earning Money, What Are You Waiting For

With the release of Unity 5 building games was never easier!!!

I present to you a course that is project based, and in this course I will cover all the topics that you need to know how to make your own games. Some of the stuff you find here is not even available on the internet(and believe me, I have searched for it).

Most courses teach you with simple examples that you cannot even use in a real world game that you want to publish. In this course you will build a real world game and see how can you solve complicated problems in a game that is already published to the world!! I will teach you game design concepts, how to solve complicated problems, how to save Your data using binary Input/Output, how to implement social media in Your game, how to create In-App purchase to sell your virtual items to Your users and earn money, we will implement watch video and earn virtual item system and much much more, plus I will be online every day to solve every problem that you face.

If You ever had an idea for an awesome game, then enroll in this course and learn the tools that you need to develop Your next hit game!!!

What You will learn

  1. Unity Interface
  2. Basic C# Programming
  3. Intermediate C# Programming
  4. Advanced C# Programming
  5. Importing And Organizing Assets
  6. Slicing Sprites
  7. Animating Sprites
  8. Learn How To Use Unitys New UI System
  9. Creating Menus
  10. Creating Loading Screen
  11. Creating Cool Animations
  12. Understand And Use Unitys Physics System
  13. Saving Game Data Using Binary Input/Output
  14. Creating Character And Level Select Menu
  15. Creating Character And Level Lock Unlock System
  16. Using Game Controllers To Control The Workflow Of Your Game
  17. Play Music In Your Game
  18. Create In-App Purchase To Sell Virtual Items To Your User
  19. Implement Social Media In Your Game(Facebook)
  20. Share On Facebook From Your Game
  21. Create Share On Facebook Earn Virtual Item System In Your Game
  22. Implement Interstitial Ads
  23. Implement Video Ads
  24. Create A Watch Video Earn Virtual Item System In Your Game
  25. Implement Google Leaderboards And Achievements In Your Game
  26. Learn How To Support Multiple Screen Resolutions
  27. Learn How To Submit Your Game On Google Play Store


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