Udemy – Make Mobile Games And Earn For A Living Out Of It [95% OFF] Worth $147!

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Make Mobile Games And Earn For A Living Out Of It

Course Description

I have already thought 3700 people how to create games and earn money, and now I want to teach You how to do the same.

Do You have an idea how to create a game for mobile devices but don’t know where to start?

Well look no further!! This course is designed to teach you just that!!

The course is project based and we are going to create a flappy bird clone, but don’t worry, this is no just a flappy bird clone, as always in my courses I will explain everything in detail and show you how to create and design your game from scratch!!

Beside of creating flappy bird game mechanics, we will create a main menu, and create a scene fader to fade between scenes and give it a nice look, we will implement twitter and share our game on social media, we will also implement google play game services and share our score on google leaderboards, at the end we will implement applovin ads to monetize our game and earn some money while we do what we enjoy, and that is creating awesome games!!

Topics Covered

  1. Basic C#
  2. Advanced C#
  3. Intermediate C#
  4. Importing Assets And Organizing The Project
  5. Slicing Sprite Sheets Into Individual Sprites
  6. Creating Animations Using Mechanim System
  7. Creating A Character(Bird) Selection System
  8. Creating A Scene Fader
  9. Save Data Using Player Preferences
  10. Create Game Controllers To Control Your Game
  11. Implementing Google Play Games Services And Share Our Score On Leaderboards
  12. Implementing Twitter And Sharing Our Game On Social Media
  13. Implementing Applovin Ads To Earn Money In Our Game

That and much more is waiting for you in the course!!!

So if you have an idea for an awesome game, what are you waiting for?? Hit that enroll button, learn how to create games, and create your next hit game!!


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