Udemy – Make Infusionsoft Work So You Can Build Campaigns That Sell! [100% off]

Course Description

Autopilot Marketing was created to get you up and running with Infusionsoft in about an hour. Time is our greatest asset, and to show that I respect your time, I will not bog you down with hours and hours of content. This is a quick, bulletproof, actionable training series. 
You will learn the in’s and out’s of Infusionsoft, so you can avoid technical overwhelm as a new user. It shows you an overview of the technical elements of creating a marketing campaign as well as help you unlock the insight to create your own automated marketing campaign for your own business.
1) What’s Included: You get over 60 minutes of concise content, broken into 6 videos that show you:
-An overview of 3 marketing pipelines that I have created and used in my business that have made money.
-How to navigate Infusionsoft’s campaign builder, so you can make your first marketing campaign with ease.
-How to capture contact info using squeeze pages, so you can gather new opt-ins and grow your mailing list.
-How to harness the power of “sequences”, so you can create an automated series of e-mails that allow your new leads to build familiarity and trust with you.
-How to save time by creating e-mail templates, so you can do the work once and have it ready to use again and again.
And best of all, act now and you get the entire course for half the price of ONE Infusionsoft coaching call ($199 USD). 
2) Price:
The initial low price will increase shortly – the course is currently listed at $49, but it will next increase to $97.
3) Why take this course?
Infusionsoft has a steep learning curve, and it can cost you a LOT of time learning how to make it work on your own. Thankfully, when you become an Infusionsoft member, you get 4 coaching calls with their in-house Infusionsoft experts. 
Use this quick start guide to create your first marketing funnel, so you can make the most of your free calls. Don’t waste these calls going over the “basics”, when you can be up to speed in about an hour.
4) Requirements:
1) Do I need to have Infusionsoft to get this course?
No. If you do not have Infusionsoft yet, get the course. I have a direct relationship with the team, and I can connect you directly (and get you an amazing deal not available to most).
2) Do I need to be a marketing expert?
No, you can be completely new to online marketing and take it serious. I made my first $3000 online shortly after taking the leap of faith. (results not typical or guaranteed)
3) Do I need any additional software to make the most of Infusionsoft?
I recommend you use an easy-to-use lead page creator. I use Leadpages in the tutorial, as well as show you another one called Megaphone.
4) Which version of Infusionsoft do I need to get in order to make the most of this course?
Autopilot marketing was designed to work with ANY of their 4 membership options. I personally use the “e-commerce” package as I run an online business.
5) How Long Will The Course Take To Complete?
Autopilot Marketing was designed to work at your own speed. You should be able to get everything up and running in 4-6 hours, depending on your learning speed, and how quickly you can “fill in the blanks” within your own campaign. 
Now that I have learned these same essentials that I share with you when you act now, I can bang out a complete campaign in a couple of hours, including the e-mail copy, photos, opt-in pages, etc.