Udemy – Lower College Costs By $70K and Eliminate Student Loans! [100% off]

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Course Description

College is a positive life changing experience, but for most it comes at a high cost. The average American student graduates with $30,000 in student loans. This course will guide you through each of your potential expenses in college, and how you can cut back on certain costs that will not add value to your college experience.

The objective of this course is that you eliminate your student loans altogether.

This course will therefore:

  1. Tell you why college is worth it
  2. Show you exactly why student loans are not good — what you will end up losing in life, monetarily, with the burden of student debt
  3. List out every college related expense
  4. Show you how you can cut on potentially all of these expenses, without impacting your college experience
  5. Expand on the pros and cons of each of the cost-cutting strategies laid out
  6. Tell you where not to cut costs
  7. Empower you with the information needed to eliminate student loans!


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