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Linux GNU make : make utility and Makefile

Course Description

Build process is one of the most important activity in development and support of software product. Software products have grown with unbelievable number of files. Now most of the big software products require separate team for build activity. Similarly there are lot of tasks required for managing the software products. Whether it is a development from scratch or maintenance of existing product, build process has to be defined and understood properly.

The complexity of build process and numerous tasks to maintain the software product require efficient automation. Linux GNU make utility and Makefile provide great features to automate the build process and tasks in efficient way.

This course “Linux GNU make : make Utility and Makefile” explains all the features provided by the make utility. The course explains how the Makefile should be written to use the features provided by make.

All the features explained have been shown with appropriate Makefile and other required files. Automation of build process and tasks have been explained and demonstration is provided for the same.

I have used GNUStep and MINGW on Windows as environment but it can be done on any Linux system or other system for variety of applications for automation of build process and tasks.

It will be good to have the GNU make manual to get more details.

More topics have been identified and will be added soon.


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