Udemy – LinkedIn Mastery: Creating an Awesome Profile [100% off]

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Welcome to The Bite-Sized Marketer’s LinkedIn Marketing Guide series! This series will introduce you to LinkedIn, and why it’s an important element in your marketing toolkit. 
As of March 2014, more than 49.5% of LinkedIn users have under-performing personal brands on the network. A variety of reasons contribute to that. Their profiles are incomplete. Their status updates under-perform. Their networks are too small for what they want to accomplish. 
However, LinkedIn has become a powerful resource for me, as I’ve used it to launch many of my businesses, services and products, and I’m looking forward to teaching you how you can do the same.
One of the most important elements in using LinkedIn successfully is to have a profile that is visible to LinkedIn’s search engine, and that compels the reader to want to know more, while already telling them enough about you to know, like and trust you. 
That’s why the first course in the series is on Creating an Awesome Profile.
I hope you enjoy it! 

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